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Our Mission

Empowering Beauty, Simplifying Supply

At Sherry’s Cosmetics, our aim is to treat our customers as partners and help their businesses achieve success. We stand committed to being not just a supplier, but a trusted wholesale partner on your journey to success.

Our pillars of integrity, unconditional guarantee of service and loyalty form the foundation of our relationships with our customers and suppliers. By continuously adapting to the ever-evolving beauty landscape, we flawlessly adjust our expanding range of beauty products, ensuring that every professional's precious time is respected, and their aspirations are nurtured with care and consideration.

Together we can empower the essence of afro-cosmetics to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Our Story

Your partner in ethnic beauty since 1984

The foundations of Sherry’s Cosmetics were laid in 1984, as the renowed "Oriental". Based in Antwerp, we were the very first wholesale and distribution company to introduce the vibrant world of afro-cosmetics in Belgium. Driven by a passion for celebrating diversity and ethnic beauty, we embarked on a mission to fill a void in the market. Through tireless dedication and an unwavering commitment to quality, we flourished over the decades into Europe’s leading distributor of afro-cosmetics, proudly wearing the mantle of a true market leader.

In 2019, an exciting new chapter unfolded as the next generation took the reins, introducing a transformative rebranding that breathed new life into our company and website. This evolution signifies the union of two generations of experience, enriching our brand with a cherished legacy while propelling us into an era of limitless creativity.

Today, Sherry’s Cosmetics stands not only as a wholesale supplier but as a symbol of empowerment, amplifying the vibrancy of afro-cosmetics and ethnic beauty. Our story is one of evolution, resilience, and a deep commitment to celebrating the mosaic of cultures that define modern beauty.

What we do

A one-stop shopping experience

Sherry’s Cosmetics is more than just a wholesale and distribution hub; we are your trusted ally in the world of ethnic beauty. Our extensive and ever-expanding portfolio boasts over 250 local and international brands, stocking over 5000 products. We truly aspire to be a one-stop shopping destination.

We understand that for every professional, time is the most valuable resource. So, we tirelessly strive to simplify your choices and streamline the process of acquiring your products. As fervent advocates of staying at the cutting edge of industry trends, we provide a dynamic and diverse range of products, ensuring you remain ahead of the curve.

Our promise to you is not just exceptional service, we will assist you and take care of you along your journey to succes.

Become our customer

Take advantage of our “Free delivery” in Belgium or Paris. You can literally save hundreds of euros on delivery costs if you choose to use our personal delivery system. Feel free to ask more information from your sales rep about this option.


New customer

Email your company details or any kind of question to or feel free to reach us by telephone at: +32 33 86 26 34 or on WhatsApp at: +32 489 41 90 49. Our trusted sales team will be in touch for additional information and to guide you through the process.

Placing an Order

Orders can be placed on the website or you can mail us a list of products you are interested in. Our sales team will then send you a provisional invoice, tailored to the details you've shared. Alternatively, you can place an order over the phone or even request a visit from one of our sales representatives to facilitate the order process at your location.

Product Delivery

Once the order is confirmed your goods will be ready for delivery. The flexibility lies with you – either organize your own transportation or entrust us to secure a quote from our trusted network of transporters, ensuring you the best rates available. Our delivery network spans across all of Europe. International clients are encouraged to contact us for a tailormade solution.
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