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Struggling to keep up with the demand for top-notch curly hair products? At Sherry Cosmetics, we’re the leading wholesaler for businesses looking to expand their Curly Girl Method approved, also known as CG, product selection.

Sherry Cosmetics is more than a wholesaler; we’re a partner for your success in the world of curly hair. If you want to expand your range with products your customers will love, we’re your ideal partner.

Discover Our High-Quality and Diverse Range

We offer a curated range of products from highly popular brands like Mielle Organics, Camille Rose Naturals, Shea Moisture and As I Am. These brands cater to all curl types, from soft waves to defined coils, ensuring every head of hair gets the care it deserves. Our selection is carefully curated to meet the needs of every curl type. Not to forget, we offer a wide range of CG-approved hair care products for wholesale.

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Personal Support for Your Business

More than just products, we provide the support you need to thrive. ¬†We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer personalized support, promotional materials and competitive pricing to help you elevate your offerings and boost sales.

Stay Informed About the Latest Trends

Knowledge is crucial in the rapidly changing world of hair care. We equip you with the knowledge to become a trusted advisor to your customers. We offer access to valuable resources about the Curly Girl Method and the latest trends in curly hair care.

Innovation and Sustainability in Our Offerings

Innovation and sustainability are at our core. We’re constantly searching for new, high-performance products that are kind to curls and the planet. We keep up with trends like the CG method and make sure to adapt our offer to the current hair care trends.

Grow Together With Us

Sherry Cosmetics is more than just a wholesaler; we’re your partner for success in the world of curly hair care. If you’re looking to expand your range with products your customers will love, we’re your ideal partner. Explore our extensive range of CG hair care products and discover how we can ensure beautiful curls and a thriving business together.

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